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So I decided to geek out last night and explore chrome OS and install it on to a really really old laptop with an IDE hard drive. Why not. Long story short. Chromium OS was ok. Chromixium the ubuntu & Chrome OS hybrid is awesome. If you have an old laptop and want to give it to someone but not deal with Windows crap, Chromixium is a great start. So easy to install. Just make sure you follow the steps on how to setup the boot from USB closely.

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Need more time? Ditch that Facebook app

Ditch the Facebook app off of your phone. Then notice how much time you claim back in a day.

Ditch that news app from your phone. More time claimed back.


Sometimes we can be overburdened with too much information during our day, maybe going back to a simple phone that holds a charge that will last days not hours will be a good thing. You can still check your emails, either on your Pad or laptop sitting on your desk when you get back to the office. Face it, if it’s urgent they would have called.


I know, these things may seem impossible, but pick one thing ie Facebook, ditch that app, see what happens. Part of technology, is applying some common sense on how you manage your digital life. If you’re starting to feel stressed, it may be due to information overload because you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Face your fear, delete that Facebook app. Stick with it for 10 days.


If you’re wondering if I’m taking my own advice. I am. Thanks to my fantastic girlfriend Eva for suggesting it. 

Posted on May 27, 2014 .

LAG Explained

The link to the following video about Internet Lag explains in brilliantly to the lay person and why faster internet connections are better. Although the test is an incredibly extreme view, the test highlights what the term 'lag' means to us living in the modern connected world. Enjoy.

http://livingwithlag.com You wouldn't accept lag offline, so why do it online? ume.net, a fiber broadband provider that offers up to 1000 Mbit/s, performed an experiment. Four volunteers got to experience internet's biggest disturbance in real life - lag.
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I can't get Fiber....but I can get VDSL!

So I took the plunge and made the jump to VDSL. For those of you that don't know, simply understand this. It's more than twice the speed of your fastest ADSL connection and gives 5 times more upload speed that ADSL. For me it's a great alternative to Fibre as it's not available in my area yet.  

After the telecom tech had left, I set about finishing the setup of the new router required for a VDSL connection. This is where things started going pear shaped.

I'm with 2talk.co.nz for all my VoIP telephony requirements and so going with them for my internet connection seemed the logical thing to do. I looked up the 2talk website via my phone and found a link on how to setup my Draytek 2750 VDSL router. I followed the instructions. After rebooting I eagerly awaited for my connection to become live. Nothing. No connection to the net. A little disappointed. 

Nevermind. I'm a tech. I can fix it. I try other things and follow a few alternative things that make sense to me. Still Nothing.  No connection to the net. A little more disappointed. 

I try a few more things and alternative configurations.  Again, still nothing. No connection to the net. Disappointed. 

Refusing to give up I try a completely different approach, Success. Connection to the net achieved. Mass hysteria ensues, I congratulate myself, until I test. It was like my love life, it's there, but not there. Considering carrier pigeons were genius and should give up my day job.

Demoralized I call the 2Talk tech support. I wait for about 20 minutes. Only to talk with a very nice and helpful girl who informs me that I have to log a ticket no matter how I try to charm her into letting me talk direct with a 2Talk support person. Disappointed. Losing patience. FML.

Revitalized with the prospect o a new challenge, I toil on. Until my little brother comes home from working with his IT clients and does a search via my phone and he finds the Telecom NZ method of configuring the Router. SUCCESS!!

To all those that are struggling with setting up your Draytek VDSL modem please follow the below instructions with one minor exception if you are with 2talk or a company that supplies you a fixed IP. 


The only exception is if you have a fixed IP supplied to you, make sure you check 'Yes' to Fixed IP(IPCP) and enter in your IP address that should have been emailed to you before the change over.

Now that things are going, I'm enjoying the new browsing speeds and I can't wait for fiber to be put in!

Posted on July 15, 2013 .

Which Phone is Better-er?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is out. The HTC One is out. iPhone5 (Not with IOS 7) has been out for a little while now. 

If you only have 20 seconds left to read this then I really want the HTC One given the choice. My decision is made mainly by the quality of the camera. It my only sport a 4MP sensor, but if you are scoffing at this, then I'm willing to bet that you think size matters. Well in short it doesn't. The HTC One really comes into it's own in low light conditions, there is a good technical explanation that I'm not going to bother going into, but there is a link at the end of this blog post that explores this.

Check out the below video for a good review on the latest high end Android phones and the iPhone 5 which are currently on offer. The test is with a game called Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. I like the review as it does show me how the phone works playing a game that stretches it's overall capability. Interestingly the reviewer does know a bit about what's under the hood of each phone which lends some credibility to his comments. My only gripe is that I don't like the iPhone 5, not that I hate Apple products, but I prefer the iPhone4S over the 5, simply because it's build quality is much better.

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A quick post on the latest Apple operating system for iPhones. In short, in appears to boot up faster, has a few nifty changes to the user interface, and speeds up the user experience. Apart from that it's only a Beta release, so no point going any further reviewing it.  

Posted on June 17, 2013 .

Print me a gun

When I first heard of a 3D printer I was excited, It's Star Trek's replicator system becoming a reality, but just over a month ago I watched a video off youtube where a guy used a 3D printer to print parts for his fully automatic rifle. His experiment was to bring to the attention of the world stage that it is going to be possible to print out all the necessary components to make any gun you would want. The video is very detailed and fascinating to watch.

The below video is about 25 minutes long but so to cap this quick blog entry off. 

I accept that this is going to be a reality, where the only thing you can't print will hopefully be the ammunition. Will they have to regulate the distribution of ammunition more closely now?

Posted on April 29, 2013 .